Welcome to AKO’s CookBook!

Welcome to AKO’s CookBook!

Thank you for visiting, these are my recipes that I want to record and cook again. I’ve memorized in my head but now it’s overflowed the capacity, so I’ll start recording them here.

I’d say my recipes are genre-less. Not just Asian food(I’m Japanese), American, French, Italian, German, Mexican.. I attempt to cook anything. Most of them are from my travel experiences actually, I love to cook and re-experience at home, moreover, make them my style. I believe we can cook anything at home with adding some spices to our kitchens, if so, why not try some new recipe today with me?

Please be reminded, these recipes are made with my sense of taste. It might not be suitable for those who wants 101 recipes. But these are all my BEST recipes, I can assure you that these are all delicious and tempting to repeat. Anyway, welcome to my cookbook!

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