Pina Colada with Pineapple Micho(fruit vinegar)

Pina Colada with Pineapple Micho(fruit vinegar)

Do you know what Micho is? It is a fruit vinegar from Korea that comes in a variety of flavors.

I have been a fan of Micho Chuhai ever since I had it one day at a convenience store. I find pineapple, lemon, calamansi, and pomegranate to be especially delicious. These four often appear as vinegars in dishes, and I would like to introduce a cocktail using pineapple micho vinegar.

▼Here is my recommendation for Micho ▼


Ingredients are pineapple beauty vinegar, soda, rum, and coconut juice.

When I lay it out like this, you might say, “No, you don’t have that at home…” But honestly, if you are not particular about the name of the cocktail, I think any Western liquor will taste good. LOL!

Coconut juice is available in the Asian food corner of supermarkets, or coconut powder is available at imported food stores, and is recommended. It has a long shelf life and can be used to make green curry or satay.

The best dishes to pair with pina coladas are tropical. Steak, tacos, and garlic shrimp also go well together. It is also a great drink to serve at a barbecue with friends. It is a unique drink that can be enjoyed with a twist.

It should go without saying that this is far from a serious pina colada cocktail recipe. It is recommended for those who want something a little different to drink at home. I recommend this recipe for those occasions when you want something a little different at home.

Lamb in order of recommendation from left to right. …but I love them all. Especially the Flor de Caña on the far right, if you like to drink. And in winter, hot buttered rum made with pampero anibasario is the best.

Cocktails in the summer, chippy sips in the winter, rum great to enjoy!


Pina Colada with Pineapple Micho(fruit vinegar)



Cooking time




  • white rum 30ml

  • pineapple micho 30ml

  • coconut milk 50ml

  • soda 50ml(100ml if you use coconut powder)


  • Fill a glass with ice, then add rum, beauty vinegar, and coconut milk and stir.
  • Mwhile adding soda water, adjust to your desired thickness, and you are done.
  • *When using coconut powder, pouring soda water will easily overflow. Pour slowly!

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